Labour / Birth

It’s a GIRL!

So it turns out the prediction at the end of my last post was indeed correct. That very night became “the night”. It all started around 2am. I was awoken by P with a start! “I think I’m having contractions”! she exclaims!

We called the hospital birthing centre, and they had told us not to come to the hospital until the contractions were less than three minutes apart for over an hour. The following few hours consisted of me groggily timing the contractions using a mobile app, and P taking a bath with me pouring water over her belly with a jug. We even came downstairs and she spent some time leant over her gym ball. At which point our naughty little elf decided to join in…

Anyway, as the contractions shortened I called the hospital again, and asked if we could come. The lady on the end of the phone soon said yes when she heard P screaming in the background! This was it! Battle stations! Lets go! Grab the pre-packed bags and time to jump in the car!….er…not quite. Turns out that our pre-packed bags didn’t have all we needed. Cue to me frantically running around, rummaging through drawers trying to find P the clothes she wanted. Picture the aftermath of this: drawers left open and clothes strewn all over the floor.

Next stage was loading the car and setting off. Luckily it was 5am and the roads were clear. Not much chance of a nerve induced collision with other vehicles. Great! Pedal to the metal! We arrived at the hospital at 5.35am. I pulled up my car outside the birthing centre and P clambered out, waddled over to the door which to her dismay were locked! WTF? P spotted a buzzer and gave it a ring. A woman answered shortly afterwards asking “How can I help you?”, a cry of “I’m having a baby!” came from P’s lips, along with an extremely audible, excited giggle from myself! The doors were opened and she waddled in as I parked the car.

I quickly parked up and ran to join her as she waddled to the maternity triage room. Two minutes later a nurse appeared and asked P to take her bottom clothes off so she could be examined and disappeared once again. I proceeded to help P remove her shoes and pants, and to my amazement I’m sure I could see the crown of a hairy babies head popping out of her var stretched open vag! P even touched it and said “oh god it’s coming out!”, my response being “I think it’s just your bum grapes (the name we used between us for her now massive balloon sized haemorrhoids)”. Moments later two midwives came in and helped P onto a hospital bed for inspection. They removed her now shit stained knickers to have a gander at what was going on downstairs…”This baby is coming…now!” was the result of the inspection, and we were quickly ushered into a birthing room over the hallway.

Let me just say, in the upcoming months we had visited the hospital and viewed the birthing rooms. Eyed up the lovely lighting, including lava lamps and ambient lights, and fully intended to make use of the large birthing pools in the room for a water birth. We had picked our music playlist, and packed a portable speaker and enough snacks to feed the royal Navy for a month at sea. In reality there was no time for any of that! Straight onto the chaise longue in the corner of the room. This baby was indeed coming! One contraction, and the head was three quarters out! I couldn’t help but poke my head round and have a gander! And what I saw was a full set of hair and the back of a head! What a thrill! I was so excited. We still didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl yet so that revelation was about to be revealed. P was adamant for the last few months that we were having a boy, would her gut feeling be right?…

No. A few minutes of rest and one more contraction and a push, and out popped this crying little baby…girl!! Woohoo! Within a minute the baby had been handed over to mum for that important skin-to-skin time. She was beautiful! amazing! her wide eyes were unbelievably striking. Like beautiful grey marbles!

At 6.06am, our beautiful little girl, E, was made her entrance into the world. We had only been at the hospital for 41 minutes!

The next 12 hours consisted of various checks on mum and baby, at which time I got a chance to experience my own skin on skin time with the baby. The nurses showed us how to breast feed, which the baby did within minutes of being born, and took the baby’s weight (6lbs 14oz). We were then given some time to rest, we wouldn’t be allowed to go home until the baby had next breast fed, so we had to wait until she was hungry again to try and get her to attach to the breast. This did take quite some effort and didn’t come easy, but eventually she managed to clamp on the tittie and get that nutritious colostrum and the nurses were able to check us out. We left for home, all three of us, tiny baby in her new car seat around 6pm.