Baby Names

We call him Kermit

One day remaining before the baby’s due date and we still haven’t decided on names. Ok, so we have kind of decided if it’s a girl, but have no idea what we’re going to call it if it’s a boy. Do other people usually know by now?

For a girl one of our favourite names so far is the name of a place near the Lake District where we went camping a few years back. A lovely place called Eden Valley. We decided at that point, sat in a field in the middle of the beautiful countryside, long before we started trying for a baby, that if we had a girl we would call her Eden.

If we have a boy I have no idea what to call him. We spent about 2 weeks saying we were going to call him Snarf, after the cat from the thunder cats cartoon, but the novelty of that eventually wore off. Our number one choice at the moment is Kermit. For some reason I don’t think my mum likes this name very much, I don’t understand why…