1 Day until due date

So today is the day before the due date. Of course, this should be and is, an exciting time, however there is a slight dampener on the situation. Myself and my partner are full of a cold. Instead of saying “yay the baby is due tomorrow”, the consensus is actually “oh I hope it holds off a few more days”. Who, for one, wants to bring a new baby home to a house full of germs? Secondly my partner doesn’t relish the prospect of going through labour while already feeling shitty from a cold.

We’re both having an early night tonight, I’m in bed already and it’s only 9ish. I can hear my partner coughing in the other bedroom. Oh yeah that’s right we sleep in separate bedrooms. There’s no way we could sleep together at this point, with a mountain of a belly she struggles to even turn in the bed at the moment. On top of that she snores like a trooper even when she doesn’t have a cold!

Don’t get me started with the snoring we have tried all sorts of things from nose strips, to weird things that you stick on the top of your mouth, to earplugs. I love being close to my partner, but when it comes to sleep that is something completely different. I think things are not helped by the fact that I’m a very light sleeper.

Also over the last few years if I don’t get enough sleep I don’t do too well. It causes me anxiety which affects me quite badly sometimes. This stems from an extremely high amount of stress that I experienced a couple of years ago running my own business which didn’t quite work out. I’ll probably talk more about this in later posts.
Anyway, tomorrow is the due date. That’s right, our baby’s due day is Friday the 13th! Now I’m not I usually a superstitious person, but that definitely sounds like bad luck to me! We don’t know whether we’re having a boy or a girl, but if it’s a boy and it actually pops out tomorrow we could always call it Damien!